Services & Rates


What better shop to take your vehicle to for repairs than a custom car shop that has the skills and equipment to build high end show cars & some of the fastest local racecars?

We have high end diagnostic tools from manufacturers such as Snap-On to cut down on diagnostic times, and our skilled fast-working technicians will result in a lower bill and quality workmanship.


Our mission is to deliver the highest performing and most reliable tune possible. With our new Dynocom AWD 15000 FX. The AWD 15,000 series is the world's best built AWD chassis dynamometer in its class at any price. The 15,000 series is capable of supporting speeds up to 240+ MPH and 4400+ HP. The 15,000 series chassis dyno's are also upgradeable for the eddy brake for steady state testing, which can support an additional 850 HP. The 15,000 comes standard with our X Factor Knurling option which provides the highest traction over all other competitors. The optional eddy brake assembly sits directly on the shaft between the two rolls - no need to couple with a belt or universal joint all power is directly transferred from the wheels to the load cell. The rear section is coupled to 8 linked rollers with 36-86 Inch track width Gates Poly Chain® GT3® belts. This AWD system dyno incorporates linkage which insures that the front and rear rollers are always spinning at precisely the same road speed. This process eliminates the possibility of activating a vehicle’s traction control system and also insures that a vehicle’s torque management system is operating under the assumption that the vehicle is not skidding, turning or slipping.

We are capable of properly steady-state tuning most modern vehicles. Unlike some other tuners we not only tune wide-open-throttle but also make sure that daily drivability does not suffer and your vehicle gets the best gas mileage & performance it can. We have tuned hundreds of vehicles in our facility and are experienced with most current tuning software. If you're not looking for tuning but would like to see how much power your vehicle is making we can also do a basic dyno test with your vehicle and supply a graph showing the horsepower and torque your vehicle is putting down to the road. By dyno testing your vehicle before and after adding performance parts you can see how much performance those parts are really giving you.

Some of the tuning platforms we offer and support are:
  • AEM Electronics
  • EcuTek
  • Cobb
  • HP Tuners
  • MegaSquirt
  • Hondata S300, K-Pro, FlashPro
  • Neptune
  • Nistune
  • Holley EFI
  • DSM Link
  • Haltech
  • Link Engine Management
  • KTuner



With our new John Bean/Snap-On wheel aligner we are capable of aligning almost any vehicle. Anything from a basic 2 or 4 wheel alignment to a full race-alignment on vehicles with aftermarket suspension arms, nothing is out of our league. We offer many different packages, have a look at our Rates section below for pricing.

exhaust fabrication


We can build custom exhausts, intercoolers, roll cages and just about any other metal fab job you can imagine.

tuner installation


We have installed hundreds of tuners in our facility. We can install most tuners in one hour.

Tuners or Programmers plug into a truck's OBDII (on-board diagnostic) port and then reprogram the vehicle's PCM with altered parameters. Aftermarket tunes alter injector pulse width, injection timing, fuel pressure, & other events in order to increase performance.

Advantages of most tuners:

  • Improved fuel economy
  • Increased power for towing or performance
  • Alter transmission shift points
  • Can double as diagnostic devices to read, display and clear DCT codes
  • Some tuners also have user Adjustable warning alerts allowing you to see any issues before they become a major problem
  • Can be used to monitor vital engine sensors to display various statistics such as average fuel economy, driving efficiency, trip economy, wasted energy, etc.
suspension kits


Whether you're looking for a leveling kit, lift kit or a lowering kit we have the tools and facility needed to install any pre-made kit or fabricate any custom parts you may need.



Whether you have a late model vehicle with complex computer systems or an older vehicle with more simplistic systems, we have the training and equipment needed to diagnose and repair most issues.

Most diagnostics will take an hour but sometimes issues are more complex and require more time, please contact us for a quote.

diesel performance


Get your diesel tuning and related parts in our one stop shop!

performance parts and installation


For quicker spool up and more power we can fit custom compound turbo. Contact us for more information.

custom wiring


If you need some custom wiring we have you covered! We can do anything from installing a boost gauge to a full custom engine harness. We use quality wire, loom, heat shrink and connectors to build harnesses that will last.


$130 / Hour

This includes diagnostic services, pre-purchase inspections & general automotive repairs.

$100 / Hour

High performance / Custom fabrication.


$130/Hour of Diagnostics

Most issues can be found within an hour.


$1000 / 7 Hours - With dyno operator.

Call or email for more information.


$125 -
Includes dyno set up, 3 consecutive power pulls without tune changes and a dyno session report showing horsepower & torque with optional air-fuel ratio graphing. This is a great way to see what gains your parts or tune are actually giving you by doing a session before and another after the modifications. If you would like us to make tuning changes while on the dyno please see see "Dyno Tuning".

AWD Vehicles + $25
Add AFR graphing + $25


Full tunes starting at: $650 for naturally aspirated engines & $850-$1050 for Forced Induction

Touching up our existing tunes:

$200 / Hour 

$25 extra for wideband O2 sensor hookup and graphing.

Flat rate available on some vehicles, call or email for more information. We do not offer hardware/software to tune every vehicle (call or email for inquiries), but we can tune any engine as long as there is a way to access the ECM's parameters. Even if we do not sell the hardware needed, we can tune it. Some vehicles will use a hardware device and others will require only a software licensing fee to change the engine's tune.

*Dyno tuning does not cover any diagnostics of mechanical issues.  If mechanical issues are found on the dyno the tuning process will cease and any dyno time will be billed at $200/hour with a $100 minimum for setup. This cost cannot be deducted from future tuning so please be sure your vehicle is in proper running order before booking your tune. 


$80 - Alignment inspection. Check current alignment specs*

$149.99 - Basic 4 wheel alignment, get within manufacturer-specified range for camber, caster and toe.

$174.99 - Same as above for vehicles with added aftermarket adjustable suspension arms.

$199.99 - Performance alignment. For auto-x, road racing, drag racing or "slammed" cars. Adjust alignment specs to desired numbers. Consultation available.

$130/Hr - Race alignment. Performance alignment as above for vehicles with a variety of aftermarket suspension arms allowing adjustments beyond manufacturer specified adjustments, usually for custom-built chassis.

*If purchasing an alignment inspection and adjustments are within manufacturer-specified tolerances the customer will only be charged $40. If vehicle requires alignment changes the price of the inspection will be deducted from the package required.