Flo~Pro EGR & Cooler Race Kit Stock Pyro
Flo~Pro EGR & Cooler Race Kit Stock Pyro


This EGR delete kit by Flo~Pro will rid your 2011-2014 6.7L Ford     PowerStroke engine of the factory EGR system which has been known to cause problems.  The kit includes all the hardware for a full EGR-system removal, including both coolers and coolant lines as well as the heavy cast brackets that hold these components.  You will not have to deal with your EGR valve sticking anymore or the possibility of a blown head gasket due to a leaking EGR cooler. This also will lower engine coolant temperatures and increase engine reliability. Customers also will see an increase in their fuel economy.




Flo Pro Ford 6.7L Kit Contents:

  • One Exhaust Manifold Block-off Plate
  • One Intake Block-off Plate
  • One Coolant Block-off Plate
  • One 1” Hose Clamp
  • One Straight Barbed Fitting
  • One Vacuum Cap
  • One Pressure Sensor Bracket
  • One Pressure Sensor Bracket Hardware
  • Two 3/4” Coolant Caps
  • Three 8mm Bolts
  • Three 8mm Washers
  • Three Zip-Ties

The bypass caps included in other kits fail too easily. They eventually crack and leak your coolant. That is why Flo-Pro uses a formed J-shape hose for coolant circulation.